Kronenbourg 1664 Le Moment Street Party 2016

“Le Moment” representing the laidback living style of French, oriented from France, Kronenbourg 1664 would like to bring this leisure experience to the hectic & frenetic city.

Fully wrapped Knutsford Terrace, Event Elite helped to transform it into a Premium European Street Night Party. To enhance the Le Moment experience, entertainment and interactive program were arranged throughout the long street. Live Jazz band in French & English song on balcony of Mira Mall, violin & accordion performance, macaron tasting team, mobile photo team, mime performance and portrait coin were set up at different sections, so to make everywhere thriving. With our tailored-made K1664 table lamp, the brand was strongly presented.

This event was particularly challenging due to several aspects, limited space, no central landlord or restaurants committee and weather issue. Several show/performances were on live at the same time within a small area. Through detailed rundown planning & management, we ensured each show to be well performed & guests enjoyed, while the shows wouldn’t clash with others and crowds were evenly spread. Without a central contact point, time & efforts were needed for liaison with individual restaurants and building property offices on Knutsford Terrace, to invite them joining the event and provide electricity. Last but not least, weather is always unpredictable and influencing an outdoor event. With nice weather on the first night, heavy rain came on the second night. Having marquee & umbrella prepared at first hand, we were able to carry out the contingency at once.