Carlsberg CSD Launch Dinner 2017

It has been almost a decade that Carlsberg did not launch any new products. While in late 2017, a new flavour – Carlsberg Smooth Draught was grandly introduced. Launch dinners inviting internal staffs and trade partners were held individually. Those amazing nights were the first time for the product to be publicized in Hong Kong.

To tie with the characteristic of product – smooth texture, Event Elite made the 3-hour dinner to be “smooth & silky”. From venue decoration, crew wardrobe, performance & show, dinning menu to even a napkin.

To wow the guests, we designed a great light show to start the night, followed by a dance show called “Aerial Silk” and an amination show. Effort was also put on the menu design, we invited actor Steve Lee (__), a famous foodie / chef in Hong Kong to create a tailor-made menu. Each dish is designed to be smooth-textured or a good match to pair up with our smooth beer.

Unlike other event management, we just not only creating the visual experience like deco & performance, but extended to the taste experience creation. Every guest is fully surrounded by “smooth & silky” in multi senses.